Heal and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.  

Progression relies on setting your own pace and staying dedicated.

 Naiana Yoga is for serious yogis, wobbly beginners and frazzled parents!

If you have kids, bring them to the parent yoga class held at ROMP, an indoor play space.  The kids can play on a play structure within view.  No kids?  Opt for the sequential course, also held at ROMP, or the outdoor drop-in class at Grass Lawn Park instead.  We also offer corporate yoga!  If you work in the greater Seattle area, an instructor will come to your office for an hour-long class designed to help your employees relax, refresh and return to work feeling motivated and happy.  Studies have shown that corporate yoga can increase productivity by 15%!

You must pre-register and make an advanced payment for the 5-class sequential course, family yoga or corporate yoga classes.  No pre-registration necessary for outdoor weekend drop-ins.  Just show up and you can pay in person with card or cash (online payments are preferred, however).

Special workshops for pranayama (breath control), challenging asanas (poses), etc. will be occasionally announced.  Private lessons are available by request. 

Please make sure to bring to attention any injuries or weaknesses that demand special attention prior to the start of class so that you may receive modified pose instructions.  You may also make a note of this on the form when you book a class online or by emailing Kelsy@naiana.yoga.  Your privacy will be taken seriously.  

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Kelsy Livic


200 RYT®
BA in Biology
Associate's in Science, Associate's in Arts
Philosophy & Religious Studies Minor
CPR & BLS Certified

Kelsy is the founder of Naiana Yoga.  She is also a volunteer with a non-profit organization called, "Yoga Behind Bars," which extends yoga to people in prisons and juvenile detention centers.  She loves that yoga helps different people in different ways!  Her passion is helping people reach their physical, mental and spiritual goals.  She has found that one avenue to reaching total wellness is through "Hatha Yoga," which includes asanas (yogic postures), pranayama (breath control) and nutrition.  The benefits of practice include, but are not limited to, increased flexibility, balance, strength, centering, a sense of community and self-awareness. 

Kelsy appreciates pushing her physical boundaries through yoga because she's seen that the typical aches and pains one experiences throughout life melt away with consistent practice.  She has suffered back problems leading to chronic pain and migraines, but, for her, practicing yoga reduces, if not eliminates, these issues.  Also, in what seems to be a busier and busier world everyday, we often forget to take time for ourselves; to look within and remember who we are as individuals, as well as how we fit into our communities at large.  This seems especially true once we start our own families.  Yoga allows us to carve out some time for ourselves.  It reminds us that we are living, breathing beings that need to be cared for, just as we care for everyone else around us.  It also helps us build a sense of community and support.

As the mom of two baby girls, Kelsy knows how difficult it can be to get in some practice as a parent.  Keeping this in mind, she offers a special class for parents at an indoor play center twice a week.

Kelsy received her training from an Iyengar certified teacher based in Seattle, WA.  Her teaching style is alignment-based yoga which is the engagement in deeper poses, taking care to make sure the body is aligned properly, in order to get the deepest stretch, best sense of balance, etc. without getting injured.  This makes for a rigorous, but accessible practice.  She also adds sun salutations to the beginning of some sessions, including drop ins, in order to "recharge" her students.